Saturday, January 19, 2008

Firefox Browser should I Download it?

As you already know all computers come with Internet explorer already installed.

Firefox has been able to grow it's popularity mostly through word of mouth and with the help of Google's referral program which pays website owners and bloggers up to 1 dollar every time an internet user downloads the Mozilla browser.

Cnet has given Firefox great reviews over the years which has helped also fuel it's popularity as the best browser not installed on the windows operating system.

With a new version 3.0 just around the corner the future looks very bright for the Mozilla team. So go ahead give it a try, once you try it you'll never use another browser ever again!

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Firefox not starting follow up

A quick follow up to my previous post. If you let windows vista fully start and let all your programs load before starting Firefox, it looks as if the browser has no problem. The issue is when you start it before your computer fully loads. That's why if you have programs that you don't really need to start right away, you should go to settings --> windows defender ---> tools button and then click on software explorer and go to start up programs and select any programs that you wan't to disable from starting with vista. This will make your computer start much faster.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Temporary fix for firefox browser not starting

Lately Firefox every so often will not start after I start my computer. It could be a windows vista compatibility issue or maybe something to do with the browser itself. I try to end firefox.exe process so I can resart firefox, but that does not work either.

Here is what you do if you have microsoft vista:

1- Go to control panel

2- Click on programs and features

3- Right click on firefox and press un-install

4- A pop-up box will ask if you would like to close firefox to continue

5- Press yes (even though it never started in the first place)

6- After several seconds it will tell you to close firefox process (which you can't) so press cancel.

7- For some reason firefox will now work after this lazy crazy process.

Tip: Just restart your computer instead. Also wait until vista has fully restarted before trying to open firefox, less chance of it not starting.

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