Friday, June 18, 2010

Google Chrome Keeps Crashing - Fix Chrome Crashes in Your Computer

Today, people have so many options for the web browser, as there are so many browsers available for browsing. However, some of them are good enough for the people that is why they do not want to change their browsers for any reason. Chrome is also one of the best browsers which has third largest users base all over the world. However, sometimes Google chrome gets some problems such as: "Google chrome has crashed" or "the application failed to initialize properly". These error messages are very annoying for the users and when they occur most of the users do not know what to do. Sometime they just restart the computer, but it does not work.

Before getting the solution for such problems it is better that you understand that why Google chrome crashes. There are many reasons for the Google chrome crashing, but one of the main reasons is registry error. The registry is a place, which stores all the important information of the system and it has all those files, which helps in proper loading of the system processes. Therefore, any error or corrupt file in the registry system severely affects the system, which can also result in chrome crash.

The problem becomes worse if there occurs the file association errors which are a class of registry keys. These errors prevent programs from opening properly. Getting a fix for file association issues through a proper registry cleaning solution also helps if your google chrome keeps crashing.

However, it is not that much difficult to fix the Google chrome error. You can fix it easily with a simple command. For this, you need to stop the chrome and right click on its shortcut. This will open Google chrome properties and then click on shortcut tab. Here you will find a command in front of target option, where you need to add "--no-sandbox" or --no-process-plugins". After writing this command click, ok, and this will resolve your crash issue. Here "no sandbox" means you have turned on the sandbox security mode, which will help your computer from being infected from any type of malware or any other virus, which can affect the chrome browser. However, the second command "no process plugins" will instruct the plugins to run inside the chrome, because by default these plugins run in separate places, which result in chrome crashes.

The above guidelines allow you to fix Google Chrome Crashing. By using a sophisticated registry protection program such as RegInOut you can have an added advantage of fixing PC errors and solving your issues. To download RegInOut takes 17 seconds while the program is recommended by many computer software experts.


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