Friday, July 14, 2006

Firefox 2.0 Beta available

The latest beta of the favorite alternative browser has been made available for download. This first beta release of Firefox 2.0 gives users a preview of some of the new features we can expect to be using when the final version of the browser is released.

In this early beta, new features include an anti-phishing tool, which allows the browser to warn you if a website is trying to steal your details. There is improved Web feed previews and subscriptions, built-in spell checking, better search engine controls for adding and organization, Javascript 1.7 support, a new Windows installer, a session restore feature if a crash occurs, and the ability to reopen accidentally closed tabs.

One more interesting feature is the Microsummaries, which allow for regularly updated chunks of useful information on specific websites. The information can fit within a bookmark label and aims to be more useful than a static page marker



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