Friday, December 09, 2005

Website Design Browser - Firefox the Top Choice for Website Design

Website Design just got easier. Using Firefox extensions you can load your browser with an array of tools that make website design a streamlined process. Found under the Tools menu, Extensions will make your web design much easier. In todays competitive field of website design one needs to consider factors like validation, accessibility and cross browser display.
With Firefox browser extensions you can:

Edit CSS in the browser

Disable CSS

Validate for Xhtml, CSS and 508

Display Overlays over page that have block size info, ID and Class details, Access keys or Anchors

The list could continue on forever. One thing I like is the ability to add a style sheet to a page. If I am trying something new I can add a different style sheet and see how it looks without having to upload anything or change html in the head tag. As a learning tool extensions will help you learn as you surf the web. Ever seen a cool layout and you just can't figure out how they did that. Well now with firefox extensions you can easily take a look at the CSS file or view a color coded source all from in your browser.
When you want to check how your page looks in other pages Firefox extensions have that aspect of website design covered as well. You can easily check how your page would look in all the major browsers or if you have them installed then you can load the page in that browser with one click.
Firefox is by far the choice for all web designers. If you are not using firefox I would urge you to start. You can find the extensions page at

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